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More Than 20,000 Games To Be Tested On The MEGA65

From the notes: So many games so little time! While we continue work on the MEGA65 computer, here is a journey through the universe of...

Adrian Black Fixes A Commodore 1541 Drive

Adrian Black is working on a dead 1541 disk drive. This particular drive is a short board 1541 with an Alps Mechanism.

Retro Recollections Cheap External Amiga Floppy Drive Solution

In this episode Retro Recollections picks up a cheap gadget that allows him to have two external floppy drives on his Amiga 500, one...

Retro Recollections Converts A PC Floppy Drive To Work On AMIGA

In this edition of Retro Recollections converts a £9.99 Floppy Drive from a PC to work on the Amiga 500. Resources: A couple of great videos...