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Adventures With QSPI Flash

Paul Gardner-Stephen over at MEGA65 reports he's getting closer to being able to communicate with the QSPI flash, so that he can have the...

How To Change The Drive Number Of The Internal MEGA65 Drives

Paul Gardner-Stephen reports that he's been asked a bunch in the past how to change the drive numbers on the internal 3.5" drive on...
MEGA65 Pre-Series Lot

More MEGA65 Pre-Series Machine Assembled

Paul Gardner-Stephen has released another update which makes three this month so far. In todays update he reports that assembly of the Pre-Series MEGA65's...
Assembled MEGAphone Rev2 PCB

MEGAphone Rev2 PC Board Assembly Work

Paul Gardner-Stephen is back with his first MEGAphone updsate since last May. According to him the new MEGAphone Rev2 PCBs arrived while he was...

MEGA65 Handheld Prototype Playing Music

Paul Gardner-Stephen has posted a new update on his MEGA65 side project the MEGA65 phone/handheld. In this update he demonstrates the new internal speaker...

MEGAphone Laser Cutting and Screen Test

Paul Gardner-Stephen is back with another MEGAphone update on the MEGA65 blog. The first update shows a demonstration of the screen testing for the...
MEGA Open ROMs Start Banner

Paul Gardner-Stephen Demonstrates Free and Open-Source Replacement ROMs for the C64

Paul Gardner-Stephen has just posted a huge update on the MEGA65 Blog where he demonstrates open source repalcement ROMs running on the C64 environment....
MEGAphone Prototype

MEGAphone Prototype Assembly

Paul Gardner-Stephen, head developer of the MEGA65 also has a side project called the MEGAphone. This project, announced in Dec of 2018, has started...