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Adrian Black – ClearVideo 128: A Fix For C128 Jail Bars?

The C128 is known for having video with visible vertical lines in its video output. These are known as jail bars. The ClearVideo 128...

Pimpin’ The Amiga 600 In 2021 With The Modern Vintage Gamer

In the latest episode of Modern Vintage Gamer, Dimitris cleans up a donated Amiga 600 computer that's been in storage for over 2 decades....

Noels Retro Lab Sets Up External Gotek On Amiga 500

Here's how to setup a Commodore Amiga 500 Noel's favorite way, with a Gotek USB floppy-disk drive emulator. Setup is external while keeping the...

Install A Reset Switch On Your EPYX Fast Load Cartridge

Steve from Steve's Retro Gaming shows us all how to install a Reset Switch on the Epyx Fast Load cartridge. Parts: Red Push Button Switch

Flickerfixer For Amiga 500 / Amiga 2000

An open source flicker fixer for Amiga 500/2000 This is the first stage in the construction of a flicker fixer/scan doubler that mounts internally in...
Pixelwizard Cases

PixelWizard Taking Pre-Orders For New Cases

Pixelwizard Retro Shop has updated their site and reporting that new Commodore 64 cases are in production now and that shipping will start the...

Retro Recollections Installing the BooBip Amiga 500 2MB RAM Upgrade

This week Retro Recollections upgrades the CHIP RAM on his Amiga 500 to 1MB and gives it 1.5MB of slow RAM with the great...

CityXen – Amiga 500 Checkmate A1500+ and Vampire v2+ Part 2

Finishing up the Vampire v2+ build and demoing a couple of games afterward.