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Adrian’s Digital Basement: Mid-Week Mini Mail Call #3 – C64 Extravaganza

Time to open up some more packages you sent Adrian! This time, it's all C64 goodness. A RF modulator replacement, a SID chip and...

C64 Customs – HDMI Upscaling For Retro Devices: XRGB Mini Framemeister, OSSC, RetroTINK 2X

Normally C64 Customs uses the Framemeister as his number 1 solution for converting analog video signals to HDMI, however it's now bit aged and...

10MARC – RetroTink X2 Upscaler Review

This week 10MARC reviews the RetroTink 2X Upscaler. This device is intended for use with consoles that output 240P and upscale and filter it...