Hey Birt! – Refurbishing A Commodore 64

In this episode Jeff sets out to refurbish a C64 system for his younger nephew. The C64 starts off dirty and Jeff starts off...

RetroBits – Browsing The Internet On A Commodore 64 with The Old Net BBS

In this edition of RetroBits they demonstrate using CCGMS to connect to the C64 BBS "The Old Net". From their the demonstrate a sort...

Doktor64 – Commodore C64 SD2IEC Repair

In this episode Doktor64 demonstrates how to fix a malfunctioning Commodore 64 SD2IEC SD Card reader along with some tips for using the SD2IEC...

Doktor64 – Repair SD2IEC Solder SMD Device & Flash ATMega 1284P Controller

In his latest episode Doktor64 demonstrataes the following: How to repair your SD2IEC with a broken Atmel ATMega 1284P controller Hot to solder a...

Doktor64 – Create Your Own D64-Diskimages (SD2IEC) And Copy To Real Floppy Disk

In his latest video Doktor64 shows us - How you can create your own self made D64 disk image - How to copy the D64 disk...

Introducing The PRGress SD Card Reader for Commodore 64

I discovered the following review for the PRGress SD Card Reader today while surfing Youtube and after watching it dug up the information about...
Kings Valley C64 Banner

Psytronik Releasing Kings Valley for the C64

Psytronik Software has just announced that they are going to be releasing Kings Valley C64 in association with RE.BIT Magazine. The game was previously...
The Final Cartridge III+

The Shareware PLUS Final Cartridge III+ Released

The Shareware PLUS C64/C128 team has released their new Final Cartridge III+ Per their latest update: Commodore 64 The Final Cartridge III+ Loaded with Utilities &...