MrCaliforniaD – C64 Music Maker Deluxe Part 2 of 2

In this second and last part of this series, MrCaliforniaD explains in detail how he made this keyboard out of a dead Commodore 8-bit...

bwack – The C64 VHDL6526 Project

Here's the growing Playlist:

RetroManCave Interviews C64 Musical Wizard Rob Hubbard

In this episode of RetroManCave Neil interviews C64 Musical Wizard Rob Hubbard. Rob is a giant in the world of video games and his music...

MEGA65 Handheld Prototype Playing Music

Paul Gardner-Stephen has posted a new update on his MEGA65 side project the MEGA65 phone/handheld. In this update he demonstrates the new internal speaker...
Plexilaser retro computer housings

Plexilaser Plexiglass and Plywood Cases for Retro Computers

German manufacturer Plexilaser offers custom housings for retro computers. The housings are offered in either acrylic or plywood and can have optional messages on their...

Hoxs64 Emulator Updated v1.0.18.0

Author David Horrocks reports that they fixed the 1541 drive memory map that was broken since v1.0.14.0. and that the title Intoxication by Singular...

New Zealand’s Two Variants Of The Commodore 64

Youtube channel Bread Box Commodore Computer Museum breaks down the two different and very unique versions of the Commodore 64 that were produced for New...

Aphexteknol’s Comprehensive Review of Freeze64 Magazine

Every been curious about the Freeze64 fanzine? Have no fear, Aphexteknol gives a comprehsenstive of the Commodore 64 magazine full of cheats, interviews, and...