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Monday, February 18, 2019

Working Commodore 65 Prototype Appears on eBay Germany

If you have 25K in Euro's just sitting around I've found just the bargain for you. Over at eBay Germany they have a ultra...
Printed ZoomFloppy Cases

3D Printing a ZoomFloppy Case

Greetings everyone. Both Desert-Fox and myself have ZoomFloppy cards and have for the longest time wanted to get cases for them. However what we've...
Havok's All Time Top 10 Commdore 64 Games

Havok’s All Time Top 10 Commodore 64 Games

Following up from Desert-Fox's Top Ten Games List last week I have added my own. These games were chosen from games I owned, played...
LumaFix 128 - 5

LumaFix 128 Is In Production

The Shareware Plus Blog has just announced that a new version of e5frog's LumaFix mods for the Commodore 128 called the LumaFix 128. As you...
Desert-Fox Top 10 Hero Graphic

Desert-Fox’s All Time Top Ten C64 Games List

Havok and I were talking recently about our favorite games on the Commodore 64. We decided to publish our individual all time Top 10...

2 FPGASID’s on a C64 Reloaded MK2 Making Music

Daniel Renner has setup two FPGASID chips on his C64 Reloaded MK2 and plays demo called the "3 SID Demo" by Hermit & Yogibear....
1541 Defrag

Defraging Your Commodore 64 Floppys with Defrag1541

Ever wondered what it would look like to defrag a Commodore 64 disk? Now you can with the visual defragmenter by Michael...
C265 Foenix Project Rev B PCB

C256 Foenix November Update #2

As promised Stefany has come back with an additional update this month on the C265 Foenix Project. She's posted a photo of the Revision B...

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