Randy Suess

Randy Suess, Inventor Of The Computer Bulletin Board aka BBS, Passes At 74

While not a household name like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, Randy Suess holds an extremely important place in the world of personal computing....
C64 Spider Lab

New C64 Emulator for the iPad

A company called Spider Lab has introduced a new C64 emulator for the Apple iPad platform. Here's a posting about their C64 emulator. C64 is...

Introducing The PRGress SD Card Reader for Commodore 64

I discovered the following review for the PRGress SD Card Reader today while surfing Youtube and after watching it dug up the information about...
LumaFix 128 - 5

LumaFix 128 Is In Production

The Shareware Plus Blog has just announced that a new version of e5frog's LumaFix mods for the Commodore 128 called the LumaFix 128. As you...

Tapuino Reloaded

If you're not already aware of it the Tapuino-Reloaded is a Commodore 64 tape drive emulator for the Commodore C64, Vic 20, C16 / Plus...

Working Commodore 65 Prototype Appears on eBay Germany

If you have 25K in Euro's just sitting around I've found just the bargain for you. Over at eBay Germany they have a ultra...
Printed ZoomFloppy Cases

3D Printing a ZoomFloppy Case

Greetings everyone. Both Desert-Fox and myself have ZoomFloppy cards and have for the longest time wanted to get cases for them. However what we've...
Commodore4ever Atom Replacement Power Supply

Introducing The Commodore4ever ATOM

A replacement power supply for the Commodore 64 or 128. Single output wire which also includes a very compact adapter that allows power supply...