Hey Birt! – C128 Crystal Power – How To Test Crystals In Circuit

In this episode of Hey Birt! he uses an oscilloscope to do a go/no-go type of test on a Commodore 128 after the crystal...

Tommy Ovesen – Unboxing Retro Computers!

In this episode Tommy does the unboxing of the things he's recently received. One of the computers had a surprise for him, which he...

DJ Legion – Commodore C64 1541-C Disk Drive Repair

DJ Legions description below: This is a quick video of my 1541-c repair. It would start up as normal with the drive led going off...

Ovesen.net – Commodore 64 Dataette Loading Fault Repair

In this episode Tommy hunts down the solution that repairs the faulty cassette loading on one of his Commodore 64 computers. The cassette motor...
CemTEZCAN C64 Emulator

Cem TEZCAN – Portable Commodore 64 Design With BMC64 Emulator

Youtuber Cem TEZCAN has built a physical Commodore 64 emulator with a Raspberry Pi Zero, some additional parts, a 3D printed case of his...

Fixing a Kempston Competition Pro Joystick For The Commodore 64

Youtuber Spidermaf works on fixing a Kmpston Competiton Pro Joystick that he picked up recently from eBay.

Doktor64 – Repair SD2IEC Solder SMD Device & Flash ATMega 1284P Controller

In his latest episode Doktor64 demonstrataes the following: How to repair your SD2IEC with a broken Atmel ATMega 1284P controller Hot to solder a...

MSSIAH Products Still Out Of Stock

MSSIAH has updated their out of stock message for April 2020 on their website. The production delays after the Chinese New Year and the Corona...