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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Troubleshooting Commodore 64 RAM via the Piggybacking Method

iz8dwf has another new video troubleshooting a RAM problem on a C64. I haven't seen this method before an interesting process but not perfect...

Jan Beta ALDI C64 Blank Screen Repair Part 1

Jan Beta is working to repair a ALDI branded C64 with a blank screen issue. This is part 1 in a series.

Commodore 1541C Restoration

YouTuber iz8dwf restores a 1541C floppy disk drive. The project involves the following. Removing dolphinDOS modification 240v Transformer rewiring Repairing the door latch Fitting...
c0pperdragon C64 Video Enhancement Shortboard Close Up

C64 FPGA Based Video Enhancement

Modder c0pperdragon has created an enhancement that will improve the quality and overall video signal coming from your C64 to your monitor. He describes...
C256 New Case Design

C256 Foenix Project – Updated Version of the Enclosure & Early Adopters

Stefany over at the C256 Foenix Project has posted picture of the latest design of the C256 Foenix Enclosure. It's a bit of a...
MEGA65 SD Card Fast Format

MEGA65 Speeding Up Formatting & Freezing With Multi-sector SD Card Writes

Paul Gardner-Stephen is back with another MEGA65 update. In his latest blog entry he's been working on speeding up the formatting and freezing process's...
Ultimate 64 Elite

Don’t Look Now… Here Comes The Ultimate-64 Elite

Just when you thought it was safe to order the Ultimate-64... Gideon's Logic has just announced the Ultimate-64 Elite. What is the difference between the...

Introducing the magicFlash64

The magicFlash64 is a kernal replacement for the Commodore 64 (no matter if PAL or NTSC). In total it offers 64 8KB slots (one...