Retro Bits – C64 REU And EasyFlash Demo Showcase

In this episode of Retro Bits they take a look at the Commodore 64 1764 RAM Expansion Unit (REU) and an EasyFlash cartridge. From...

New ARMSID Firmware v2.11

Digifix in MOS8580 emulation is now configurable. It can be set to few levels including inverse polarities. Digifix is now controlled by external...

8-Bit Show & Tell Explores The CMD SuperCPU For C64

A Patron subscriber of 8-Bit Show & Tell asked Robin, "Out of all old hardware peripherals what is your favorite, why did it succeed...
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Firmware Update For The U64 / U64 Elite v1.34

Added features since 1.28 Turbo Mode... The 6510 CPU can now be run faster than 1 MHz. Support for Nordic Power cartridge Faster application...

bwack – The C64 VHDL6526 Project

Here's the growing Playlist:

Adrian’s Digital Basement: Mid-Week Mini Mail Call #3 – C64 Extravaganza

Time to open up some more packages you sent Adrian! This time, it's all C64 goodness. A RF modulator replacement, a SID chip and...

Doktor64 – Commodore C64 SD2IEC Repair

In this episode Doktor64 demonstrates how to fix a malfunctioning Commodore 64 SD2IEC SD Card reader along with some tips for using the SD2IEC...

Hey Birt! – C128 Crystal Power – How To Test Crystals In Circuit

In this episode of Hey Birt! he uses an oscilloscope to do a go/no-go type of test on a Commodore 128 after the crystal...