Adrian Black – ClearVideo 128: A Fix For C128 Jail Bars?

The C128 is known for having video with visible vertical lines in its video output. These are known as jail bars. The ClearVideo 128...

Floppy Deep Dive – Top 10 Most Common C64 Questions

In this edition of Floppy Deep Dive Tom goes over his top 10 most asked questions about the Commodore 64 in 2021.
Ultimate II+ Colors

New Ultimate II+ Cartridges In Stock & New Colors

Gideon has just announced that new boards are in stock for the Ultimate II+ cartridge. If you've been waiting to order one now is...

Floppy Deep Dives “Must Have” Commodore 64 Device

There's no doubt about it, if you want the most bang for your buck, the Ultimate II+ cartridge is the perfect addition to your...

The 8-Bit Guy’s Commander X16 Must Change It’s Name

The 8-Bit Guy’s dream retro computer, formerly known as Commander X16, is being forced to changes it's name or be sued.

SIDKick Emulates Two SID Chips And A Yamaha Sound Expander Simultaneously

SIDKick is a drop-in replacement for the SID sound chips used in C64s and C128s based on a Teensy 4.1. It is able to...

Retro Recipes Previews The Commander X16 Visual Design

Perifractic of Retro Recipes previews the new case, keyboard and manuals for the upcoming Commander X16 modern retro computer being developed by David Murray...

Is This The Only C64 Cartridge You Ever Really Need?

This weeks episode of the Retro Shack looks at the Pi1541 with Epyx Fastloader Cartridge for the C64. Is it to good to be...

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