TheRetroChannel – C128 Restoration Part 2

This is the second video in TheRetroChannel's Commodore 128 Restoration series. In this edition there's going to be some recapping as well as replacing...

Hey Birt! – Troubleshooting Vintage Computers 2 Diagnostics

In this episode of Hey Birt! he works on a C64 a C128 and an A500. This video is the second in series on troubleshooting...

Mr Lurch’s Things – Commodore 64 Rescue Part 3 | JiffyDOS

Finally Part 3 of the series. With everything pretty much squared away on the Commodore 64 they decide to add JiffyDOS.
Solid State Ultimate 64 Concept Case

Ultimate 64 Retro Computer Case Concept

Pablo Roldán is a 3D artist and designer and he's come up with a beautiful concept case design for the Ultimate 64. The Ultimate...
UpCart Plus

UpCart Plus Cartridge Elbow For C64 / C128 Now Available

The UpCart Plus is a new release from Thomas Christoph. The UpCart Plus is a cartridge elbow for the Commodore 64's cartridge port allowing...

Adrian Black – Simple Fix For Blurry C64 Video

This is the second part of Adrian's latest series for improving the C64's video. You can what the first part by clicking here. In this...
Kung Fu Flash - Card and Case

Kung Fu Flash: The C64 Cartridge That Packs A Punch

Kung Fu Flash is a new cartridge by Kim Jorgensen that can emulate different C64 cartridge types, load PRG files and use D64 disk...

C256 Foenix – What’s going on and what is next?

In this video Stefany gives a huge update on the C256 Foenix Project as of April 2020. This is a long-overdue update about what is...