Commodore Amiga 2000 Repair

GadgetUK164 Commodore Amiga 2000 Repair (Rev 6.2)

Not to be confused with the last video and the Amiga 2000 Motherboard repair. This is a newly received Amiga 2000 that GadgetUK164 just...
MEGA65 Pre-Series Builds

MEGA65 Pre-Series Assembly Continues

The C65 blog has posted a bunch of images showing 12 MEGA65 Pre-Series machines that have been completed. They report that the majority of...
SX-64 Internals

Tynemouth Software Fixes An SX-64

In the latest edition of their Blog Tynemouth Software troubleshoots and fixes a broke SX-64 Portable Computer. This is an excellent and thourough repair.

How To Change The Drive Number Of The Internal MEGA65 Drives

Paul Gardner-Stephen reports that he's been asked a bunch in the past how to change the drive numbers on the internal 3.5" drive on...
MEGA65 Pre-Series Lot

More MEGA65 Pre-Series Machine Assembled

Paul Gardner-Stephen has released another update which makes three this month so far. In todays update he reports that assembly of the Pre-Series MEGA65's...
Assembled MEGAphone Rev2 PCB

MEGAphone Rev2 PC Board Assembly Work

Paul Gardner-Stephen is back with his first MEGAphone updsate since last May. According to him the new MEGAphone Rev2 PCBs arrived while he was...
Backbit C64 Bare Cartridge

BackBit C64 Bare Cartridge Now Available

Last May we reported that and Evie Salomon were developing a cartridge that uses an SD card to store and run all of...
Ultimate 64 Keyboard Universal Mounts Metal Kit

Pixelwizard Announce New Ult64 Keyboard Universal Mount Kit

Fresh off their summer break Pixelwizard has announced a new universal mounting kit for the Ultimate-64 enthusiast. Their webpage has the following description: Product information...