8-Bit Symphony Pro

3 Days Remain For The 8-Bit Symphony Pro Kickstarter

There are just 3 days remaining to make a pledge on the 8-Bit Symphony Pro Kickstarter. As of this update there are 620 backers...
High Voltage SID Collection

High Voltage SID Collection # 71 Released

Another update of HVSC has been released. The collection now contains 51,823 SIDs. Update # 71 includes 464 new SIDs as well as numerous...
FM-YAM Sound Expander

FM-YAM Cartridge 3rd Batch Notice

Developer XeNTaX has just announced that they have sold out of their second batch of FM-YAM cartridges and are looking to see if there's...

RetroManCave Interviews C64 Musical Wizard Rob Hubbard

In this episode of RetroManCave Neil interviews C64 Musical Wizard Rob Hubbard. Rob is a giant in the world of video games and his music...

Music Albums on Game Cartridges (C64 & Megadrive)

In this episode of Techmoan the narrator talks about his fasination with the many different music playing formats that have come out over the...
FM-YAM: FM Sound Expander

FM-YAM: FM Sound Expander Now Available At Protovision

XeNTaX, the developer of the FM-YAM: FM Sound Expander cartridge, is now selling their popular cartridge directly via Protovisions online store. Here's the feature...

New C64 SID Synth Demo By LukHash

LukHash has released a "quick jam" with a Commodore 64 used as a synthesizer. Per Lukhash everything you can hear (except drums) comes from...

Arpeggio Is Underrated [C64 SID8580][SID-Wizard]

Some music for you this evening. This is Arpeggio Is Underrated (#C64 version) by Laszlo 'vincenzo' Vincze First released at Flashparty 2018 in Argentina https://csdb.dk/release/?id=168711 Audio recorded from...