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TeensyROM FW 0.5.12 sub-release

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0.5.12 sub-release 2/23/24

  • New feature: NFC Loading System!
    • Use NFC tags to instantly launch your CRTs/PRGs/SIDs/etc.
    • Write new tags right from your C64
    • See the documentation here.
    • A huge thank you to StatMat for sharing his vision and support
    • Thanks also to the TapTo project for the inspiration!
  • General updates
    • Skipping RAM test at boot for faster boot and reduced screen garbage time.
      • As used in the OneLoad64 collection, code provided by StatMat
    • EEPROM setting reset to defaults
      • Hold the menu button for 10 seconds until the LED starts flashing
      • Upon release, the setting will be reset and TeensyROM will be rebooted
    • Settings Menu
      • "Reboot TeensyROM" option to apply changed defaults without power-cycle
      • "NFC Enabled" to enable attached NFC reader
      • "RW Ready Dly" to improve Hi-ROM game graphics on Reloaded MKII and C64c
        • Thanks to alterationx10 for the testing!
      • Free RAM now displayed to indicate max CRT file size
    • YYZ.sid edited to not zero out time registers on SID init
      • Thank you to ][avok for reporting this issue
  • Remote Launch UI support updates
    • Readback game preview file additions by MetalHexx