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TeensyROM FW 0.5.14 sub-release 3/28/24

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Hoping to have a few people try/test out these new features and provide feedback on their experience. I did some thorough testing, but want to be sure all is working well on other peoples setups as well. The custom SID feature was especially tricky to access SD/USB quickly upon startup with minimal time to init. All feedback is appreciated, thank you!

These new features were primarily driven by feedback from others, thank you all for your great ideas!

Release notes:

  • New feature: Selectable default/background SID
    Select/play any SID normally, then 's' from SID Info screen (F6) to set it as default background SID
    Selection stored in EEPROM for future boot recollection
    SID can be TR built-in or from SD/USB
    If file not present on boot, loads "Sleep Dirt" from TR
    Feature requested by: @][avok
  • NFC Loading System Updates:
    Added ability create/read NFC tags for built-in TeensyROM files (in addition to SD/USB)
    Uses TR: path prefix to designate
    Feature requested by: @Richard
  • New feature: Hot Keys to launch some programs
    Available from any main "Src:" menu screen:
    '1': Cynthcart
    '2': Station64
    '3': CCGMS
    Feature requested by: @niclashoyer
  • General updates
    "Also sprach Zarathustra" and "When I'm 64" added to TR built-in SIDs
    Note: All EEPROM settings will be reset with this update

    Full release notes and latest .hex file are here:
    Also available for direct download via the TR web browser through bookmark #1 ('b1')