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Retrobits Preview Of ‘Eye of the Beholder’ For C64

Today the Retrobits Youtube channel has released an in-depth preview of the highly anticipated port of SSI's Eye of the Beholder for the C64...

Eye Of The Beholder C64 Beta Test

Andreas Larsson has debuted a beta test video of his Commodore 64 conversion of Eye of the Beholder. Check it out!

Eye of the Beholder C64 Intro V2 – Near Completion

Andreas has released version 2 of his 'Eye of the Beholder C64'. The intro clip is really coming together now and has only two...
Eye of the Beholder C64 Intro

Eye of the Beholder 64 Almost Completed Intro

You may not know the name Andreas Larsson, however if you have been following his work over the last year then you know that...
Eye of the Beholder C64

Eye of the Beholder C64 Update

It's been almost a year since the last Eye of the Beholder C64 conversion update was posted and since that time significant work has...