Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Tag: Bulletin Board Systems

“MuffinTerm”: Finally A Mobile Terminal App That Supports PETSCII

Finally! Someone has done it! Someone has finally added PETSCII support to the mobile terminal program experience. Finally, I can call a Commodore BBS...

Dan Wood Takes Amiga 500 BBS Surfing

Popular YouTube host Dan Wood has picked up a WiModem232 for his Amiga 500 and has done a video on how to program it...

Welcome to the world of C64 WiFi BBSing

In this episode Nostalgia Nerd gets a WiFi Modem for his C64 and takes a tour of the C64 Telnet BBS scene. It’s nice...

Welcome to The Oasis BBS Website

When the Oasis BBS originally ran back in the mid to late 80's, Bulletin Board Systems were the pinnacle of telecommunication for the common...