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LukHash – Synthwave/Outrun Song As 8bit Chiptune Played BY SID 8580

Original Track: Perpetual Motion Album: https://lukhash.bandcamp.com/album/better-than-reality Chiptune Version: Perpetual Motion 8580R5 2887 25 HK Album: https://lukhash.bandcamp.com/album/cyberchip Credits: Player: Retrodebugger by Slajerek Tracker: SID Wizard 1.8 Chip: SID 8580R5 2887 25 (Hong...

Short Demo Of LukHash Making Chiptunes in Sid-Wizard

LukHash has recorded a short video demonstrating the creation of a chiptune with the Sid-Wizard software.
MEGA64 DevKit Prototype

[UPDATED] MEGA65 Prototype DevKit Assembly

Over at the MEGA65 website they've just published some photos and a description of the prototype for the MEGA65 DevKit. As you can see...

64 Customs Visits the Vintage Computing Festival in Berlin

In this Episode 64 Customs has traveled to the Vintage Computer Festival in Berlin (Oct 12th & 13th 2019) and provides some video from...
MEGA65 Pre-Series Builds

MEGA65 Pre-Series Assembly Continues

The C65 blog has posted a bunch of images showing 12 MEGA65 Pre-Series machines that have been completed. They report that the majority of...
C65 Pre-Series Soldering

Things Are Heating Up With The MEGA65

The month of September is going to be a busy one for the MEGA65 team. They have started the month of Sept off with...

Welcome to BreadAMP v03

Developer daddlerTL3 has released his latest update of BreadAMP which isĀ  basically "Winamp for your Breadbox". It uses the REU of the 1541ultimate as...
Kilobyte Magazine 2018 #3

Kilobyte Magazine 2018 #3 Now Avaialble

The latest edition of Kilobyte Magazine has been released. Kilobyte is a magazine that focuses on 8bit computers from the 70's and 80's and...