Alien 8 v1.10 For The C64 Now Available


Alien 8 v1.10 has just been released by Rod & Emu on the CSDb. In addition Alien 8 is also the last of the Ultimate Filmation games to be converted from the Spectrum Z80 to the C64.

Per Emu performance of the Alien 8 is very good and in line with the other 8 bit versions released in the 80’s and faster than most of them. You can play it on a C128 in C64 mode and it’s the fastest of them all.

The “Lock Maximum Game Speed” option is defaulted to On when run on a C128 or accelerated machine as the game would run too fast otherwise.

This can be adjusted in the Front Ends config screen.

Features include:

– PAL and NTSC compatible.
– Super CPU and Turbo Chameleon compatible and speed enhanced.
– 25% speed increase if played on a C128 in C64 mode.
– Second fire button of the C64GS joystick can be used for pick/drop in directional mode.
– Complete conversion from the original Spectrum Z80 source code with all the features included, nothing is missing.
– In-Game music option.
– Keyboard and joystick control in the main game menu.
– Lots of cheats and configuration options that can be saved to disk from the front end.
– New SID Music by Saul Cross.
– New loading Picture by STE and also the original Spectrum loading picture in the front end. The loading picture stays visible on the screen while the game de-compresses.
– Disk, tape and cartridge versions included.
– 3 Versions included in the Disk archive: 1) The full Game including the front end. 2) Game only without front end, uses default settings only. 3) Game only without front end but loads any saved settings.
– Easyflash version with save game settings to cart option by Excess.

Joystick controls are:
Up = Walk Up or Forward. Down = Walk Down or Pickup/Drop. Left = Walk or Turn Left. Right = Walk or Turn Right. Fire = Jump. Space or Second Fire = Pickup/Drop.

Keyboard controls are:
Q = Walk Up or Forward. A = Walk Down or Jump. O = Walk or Turn Left. P = Walk or Turn Right. Space = Jump. M or Z = Pickup/Drop.

F7 = To Pause the game. From Pause Mode press Space or Fire to Un-pause or hold down F1 for a second to quit the game or hold down F3 to lose a life.

From the main game menu press 1 for Keyboard control or 2 for Joystick control. Press 3 or joystick up to toggle Directional control.
Press 4 or joystick down to toggle In-Game music. Press 0, space or joystick fire to Start a game.

All the instructions including controls details are in the View Instructions and Info Terminal option in the front end title screen.

Native C128 Vic II & VDC and Plus4 versions will follow.

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