For a limited time you can download a PDF copy of the book “The Story of US Gold” for free from Fusion Retro Books.

The story of US Gold is 236 pages in length and charts the rise of US Gold from it’s first sale of C64 games, to the eventual sell off to Eidos. The US Gold logo on the front cover is embossed and spot varnished, making the book a desirable addition to any gaming fan or book collector.

The book is filled with memoirs from the developers, musicians and artist that created many of U.S. Gold’s successful releases – titles such as Beach HeadImpossible Mission and Summer Games as well as arcade conversions like OutrunTapper and Spy Hunter. The story of the US Gold is told by those who made the company the giant it was.

The book also explores the creation and running of Centresoft – a company owned by U.S. Gold that became the largest distribution centre of games in the UK – Ocean Software was their biggest customer. 

Artwork and never before seen photographs are littered throughout the book. 

Click here to download your free PDF of the book.

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