USB Loader TheC64 Mini

TheC64 Mini USB Loader Firmware Is Out

Today Retro Games Limited released Firmware 1.1.2 for TheC64 Mini. This new firmware finally fixes the USB storage support introduced in firmware 1.1.0 to TheC64...
Shareware Plus Cableless SD2IEC

Shareware Plus Announces Cableless SD2IEC

The creative folks over at the Shareware Plus Blog have just announced anew Cableless SD2IEC reader for the Commodore. Available from stock, £39.95 plus postage,...

Jan Beta Future Proofing Commodore 64C Patreon Winner

Jan Beta future proofs a Commodore 64C for the winner of the recent C64 repair draw he did with his Patreon followers. This is...

Commodore 64 left outside for over a decade!

Adrian Black given a Commodore 64C that had been left outside for a decade or more in rural Oregon. It dealt with everything mother...
2018 Reset C64 Craptastic 4KB Game Competition

2018 Reset C64 Craptastic 4KB Game Competition Results

The results of the 2018 Reset C64 Craptastic 4KB Game Competition have been announced. The contest was originally launched in Feb 2018 with submissions...
Internet Archive C64 Library

Play Your Favorite C64 Games Online Via The Internet Archive

So you're looking to play Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders on your trusty old Commodore 64 but the only copy you can find is...
Ben & Anthony, Team Ninja

Ben Daglish (July 1966 – October 2018)

Outside of being either a hardcore fan or digital composer the name Ben Daglish may not be a name you're familiar with, however if...

Jan Beta Builds Two Different Pi1541 Disk Drive Emulators

In this video, Jan builds two different versions of Pi hats that allow the Raspberry Pi to be connected to Commodore hardware. He also...


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