Accuse is a new murder mystery from Marco Giorgini. The game is played in the classic graphic text adventure style like other Commodore 64 classics Borrowed Time and The Pawn. Marco had the following to say about the new game.

“After the minimal Cloak of Darkness demo game, I decided to reimplement another “classic” little IF game, using my storytllr64, my WIP C64 graphic text adventure engine

This time I’ve selected Accuse, by David A. Wheeler, a 2007 (vaguely) Cluedo-like replayable game, released under GPL 2 or later license.

murder, in a mansion, with three suspectsthree potential murder weapons, and five locations, and you, a detective with “powers”, able to understand if a specific accusation is correct or not.”

Accuse is available to download now for free however the developer accepts your support by letting you pay what you think is fair for the game.

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