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RavenWolf Retro Tech: Pimpin A Commodore 128D With Massive Upgrades To Test His RPG

In this episode of the RavenWolf Retro Tech series, the host upgrades a Commodore 128D-CR with equipment from the Stone Collection to test their...

Chris Edwards: 1581 3.5 Floppy Drive From A C64/128 To The Amiga

During the WOC 2023 show, Chris Edwards and several attendees acquired blank shell cases from the Commodore 1581 floppy disks, a 3.5" disk drive...

8-Bit Resurgence: Building A Commodore 1581 Like You’ve NEVER Been Before!

Check out this video where 8-Bit Resurgence constructs the ultimate extreme Commodore 1581 build, and it's not just a unique creation. You can also...

Rare Commodore C65 Prototype Sells for Nearly $39,000 on eBay

An exceptionally rare piece of computing history, a Commodore C65 prototype from late 1991, recently surfaced on eBay and fetched an astonishing sum of...

Retrobits: Commodore 64 On MiSTer FPGA ith real disk drives!

In this episode, Retrobits takes a deep dive into the features of the C64 core on a MiSTer FPGA with SNAC2IEC build and testing....

Build Your Own Commodore 1581

If you weren't around back in 1987 to pick up a 1581 drive off the shelf then you probably know just how hard and...
CMD HD-40 Hard Drive

The CMD Hard Drive And COLOR 64 BBS

The CMD hard drive and COLOR 64 are a winning Combo! Your system will run smoothly and efficiently if you take the time to...
1581 revision 252326 REPLICA

Replica 1581 PCB Available From DIY Chris

Brand new from DIY Chris, the Commodore 1581 Drive main board, revision 252326. This PCB is meticulously designed to match the original as closely...