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Build Your Own Commodore 1581

If you weren't around back in 1987 to pick up a 1581 drive off the shelf then you probably know just how hard and...
CMD HD-40 Hard Drive

The CMD Hard Drive And COLOR 64 BBS

The CMD hard drive and COLOR 64 are a winning Combo! Your system will run smoothly and efficiently if you take the time to...
1581 revision 252326 REPLICA

Replica 1581 PCB Available From DIY Chris

Brand new from DIY Chris, the Commodore 1581 Drive main board, revision 252326. This PCB is meticulously designed to match the original as closely...

The LEEC – Pi1541 on Pi Zero With 1581 (D81) Support

In this episode presented by The LEEC they have put out a short video showing how to get started with 1581 emulation for D81...

8-Bit Guy – Commodore History Part 7 – Disk Drives

8-Bit Guy has just posted another edition of his Commodore History series and this update covers many of the Commodore disk drives by both...