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C256 Foenix – What’s going on and what is next?

In this video Stefany gives a huge update on the C256 Foenix Project as of April 2020. This is a long-overdue update about what is...
C256 Foenix

C256 Foenix March/April 2020 Update

From the March/April 2020 Newsletter C256 FMX (Status) Rev C4B: Pre-Order (Dlvry: June 2020) Rev C4A: Aug/Feb2020 Orders In Progress Rev C4A: May-July 2019 Orders Fulfilled C256 Foenix FMX Rev C4B...
C256 FMX

C256 Foenix Feburary 2020 Update

From the Feburary 2020 Newsletter Rev C4A is Shipping Rev C4A - Official Release The shipping of the early-birds has begun in early January 2020, after a...
C256 FMX R4

C256 Foenix December Update

From the November 2019 Newsletter C256 FMX Rev C4A will be shipping in December Rev C4A - Official Release November has been a short month for me...
C256 FMX Rev C4

C256 Foenix November Update

From the November 2019 Newsletter Finally... Here comes the C256 FMX Rev C4! The road to finally have a fully functional board (still under testing) has...
C256 FOENIX Rev CX Black Early Adopters Edition

C256 Foenix October Update

From the October 2019 Newsletter: RevCX is to the RevC0 as RevB2 was to RevA... It is pretty obvious for anybody who has been following my...

C256 Foenix Project September Update

From the September 2019 Newsletter: Revision Cxx Struggles As you can see, the migration from a very stable version like the Rev B2 to the Rev...
C256 Foenix MFX

C256 Foenix August Update

From the August 2019 Newsletter Bring Up, Code Migration and Testing... At this point, one board has been assembled, already some issues have been found. Some...