Z64K developer William McCabe has been hard at working updating Z64K and has reached a 2.1.0 release – [Build 20210711.1143]
The following changes have been made since I last updated this application.

11 July

10 July

  • Enabled Internal Palette selector available in settings.
  • Updated default VDC palette to c128-vdc-deekay.vpl as suggested by Deekay in the readme of the Colour Spectrum demo.
  • Freespin runs on 1571 drive in addition to 1541
  • C128 support of drive GPU required for Freespin demo
  • Improved sync detection. Freespin display a lot more stable (when it actually runs).
  • Fixed bug with VIA reset code that would lock drive if PB7 output was on.  Freespin no longer locks the drive after reset.

9 July

  • Show correct frames/second in the frame title for all video chips, including simulated drive gpu.
  • Added sound support for Freespin demo.  note: Demo still does not run reliably every time yet in emulation but it is improving.

8 July

  • Improved Freespin demo support.  Better drive sync detection. Displays graphical effects correctly (when it works)  warning: sometimes crashes the drive where the entire emulator needs to be closed and restarted.  Freespin support is still a work in progress.

    To play the Freespin demo, after the drive code has loaded, select Drive GPU from Machine settings==> Model panel.  When screen turn blacks reattach the same disk image to start the demo.

  • Fix debugging of Z80 LD A,I and  LD A,R

5 July

  • Added option to use disk drive as GPU for Freespin demo.  note: Not reliable and does not play sounds yet.
  • Some improvements to userport rs232 emulation.

23 June

  • Fix disassembly of Z80 F9 toLD SP,HL

19 June

  • ZX Spectrum – experimental SID option at port xxcf when xx is the SID register.  Currently when SID is enabled, beeper and AY are disabled.


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