LumaFix 128 - 5

LumaFix 128 Is In Production

The Shareware Plus Blog has just announced that a new version of e5frog's LumaFix mods for the Commodore 128 called the LumaFix 128. As you...

Retro Recipes “So You Bought a Commodore 64?”

Perifractic has a released a new episode of his Retro Recipes show all about buying a C64 in 2019. This episode contains a heaping...
IDE64 new 2019

IDE64 Back In Stock

After a months long wait IDE64 V4.2 is now available. Personally I've been looking to pick up one of these since the fall of...
Printed ZoomFloppy Cases

3D Printing a ZoomFloppy Case

Greetings everyone. Both Desert-Fox and myself have ZoomFloppy cards and have for the longest time wanted to get cases for them. However what we've...
Commodore4ever Atom Replacement Power Supply

Introducing The Commodore4ever ATOM

A replacement power supply for the Commodore 64 or 128. Single output wire which also includes a very compact adapter that allows power supply...
BackBit Banner

BackBit SD Cartidge for the C64

BackBit is a cartridge under development by and Evie Salomon. The cartridge uses an SD card that you add and off you go....
TheC64 Mini

THEC64 Mini Firmware 1.0.8 Released

According to the latest email from THEC64 Mini campaign newsletter version 1.0.8 of the firmware has been released and it it includes optimizations and...
Freeze Machine

Phil Kruman’s Commodore 64 Freeze Machine Review

Phil Kruman takes a look at a C64 cartridge called the Freeze Machine that allows the user to capture almost any game in memory...

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