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Don't Break The Balls C64 Edition

Don’t Break The Balls For The C64 Released

Today is release day for Don’t Break The Balls by Double Sided Games. If you pre-ordered, go to your account in order to get the digital...

BastichB 64K – Pac-Man & The Commodore 64

BastichB 64K takes a look back at all 6 Pac-man games released on the C64 from 1983-1988 + a look at the arcade coin-op's...

Bread Box – Rambo First Blood Part 2 C64 Hidden Easter Egg

Rambo: First Blood Part II is a 1985 video game based on the film of the same name. The game Platinum Productions and published by Ocean Software...
Hired Sword 2 Box Front

Hired Sword 2 From Double Sided Games Now Avaialbe For Pre-Order

Hired Sword 2 is now open for pre-orders! Hired Sword 2 is a top down RPG that is clearly inspired by the classic Ultima...

BastichB 64K Reviews Sid Meier’s Pirates!

BastichB 64K takes a few minutes to review the classic Commodore 64 game from Microprose, Sid Meier's Pirates.
Havok's All Time Top 10 Commdore 64 Games

Havok’s All Time Top 10 Commodore 64 Games

Following up from Desert-Fox's Top Ten Games List last week I have added my own. These games were chosen from games I owned, played...
Desert-Fox Top 10 Hero Graphic

Desert-Fox’s All Time Top Ten C64 Games List

Havok and I were talking recently about our favorite games on the Commodore 64. We decided to publish our individual all time Top 10...