Doktor64 Repairs a C64 With A Bad CIA U1 Chip & Joystick Port #2

In his latest video Doktor64 reports a C64 with broken Joystick Port #2 = ASSY PCB 250425 and a CIA #1 Chip U1 that's...
bank switchingvideo

Jon Woods Demonstrates Parallaxian Bank-Switching

In this video Jon Woods demonstrations Parallaxian Bank-switching / double buffering: to get better performance from screen scroll data.  

Jan Beta Amiga 2000 Upgrade

In his latest video Jan Beta upgrades his Amiga 2000 with a Buddha IDE harddisk controller, a memory expansion and the new Kickstart 3.1.4. The...
8-Bit Symphony Provideo

3 Days Remain For The 8-Bit Symphony Pro Kickstarter

There are just 3 days remaining to make a pledge on the 8-Bit Symphony Pro Kickstarter. As of this update there are 620 backers...

Retromancave Interviews Chris Abbott

Retromancave Interviews Chris Abbott who is turning your favourite 8Bit C64 tunes into full blown epics with a symphony orchestra. In this episode he...

Music Albums on Game Cartridges (C64 & Megadrive)

In this episode of Techmoan the narrator talks about his fasination with the many different music playing formats that have come out over the...

Retro Recipes “So You Bought a Commodore 64?”

Perifractic has a released a new episode of his Retro Recipes show all about buying a C64 in 2019. This episode contains a heaping...

Welcome to BreadAMP v03

Developer daddlerTL has released his latest update of BreadAMP which isĀ  basically "Winamp for your Breadbox". It uses the REU of the 1541ultimate as...