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Tuesday, February 19, 2019
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Scene World Podcast Episode #59 Has Arrived

This episode AJ and Joerg interview developer Martin Rabl of GIANTS Software about the C64 port of Farming Simulator and why retrogaming is such a big...

Daniel Renner’s C64 Re-Work Completed

Daniel Renner keeps pumping out the videos. In this latest update he's finally finsihed his Modded C64 Rebuild. Daniel reports the following: "I've added the two...

Daniel Renner’s Dual SID solutions – Reasons, How it works & Solutions

In the follow-up to his last video Daniel provides an in-depth view on the topic of adding a second SID to your C64. Why...

Creating Disk Images From Real Floppy Disks

In this podcast update Daniel explains how to make disk images for his PI1541 from real floppy disks using the following tools: Maverick Tool Collection ...
Commoflage EE09

Commoflage Podcast English Edition 09 Available

The latest edition of the Commoflage podcast is now available and this month includes an hour long discussion with Chris Abbott, the man behind...
IECHost and a Commodore 1541 drive

IECHost GUI Client V3.3-RC Update

Luigi Di Fraia has been mighty busy of late and has come out with a second update this week for his IECHost GUI Client. The...

Daniel Renner Reviews Freezer Cartridge Save States Plus Farming Simulator For The C64

In the latest episode of Daniel Renners Blog he goes over the save states of games from The Final Cartridge 3+ and ActionReply VI...

The Brixty Four: Part 3 – LEGO Keyboard, PCB & Winners

Perifractic concludes the Brixty Four project with a working LEGO Keyboard and PCB along with the winners of the Brixty Four prototype built over...

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