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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Plan C’s Unscientific Testing of DIY PLAs on Five C64s

YouTube user Plan C has created a video were he's testing DIY PLA chips on his 5 Commodore 64's with various results.

The History of Epyx, Kings of the Commodore 64

Cody Seymour of Viewist has produced a video history of seminal Commodore 64 games developer Epyx. If you're interested in learning more, after the video...

Commodore PET 3032 Restoration Project

YouTube user iz8dwf has recorded the restoration of his 1979 Commodore PET 3032, serial n. 1320067. Work began in Janurary of 2017 and was...

Dan Wood Reviews The New 2019 Amiga Keyboard Keycaps

Following on from their hugely successful A1200 and A500 replacement cases, the team at A1200.net bring us some stunning new Amiga keyboard replacement keycaps!...

Scene World Podcast Episode #62 Has Arrived

Andrew and Joerg spoke to Frederik Schreiber (Vice President of 3D Realms & Managing Director of Slipgate Studios) and Mike Nielsen (President & CEO...

Nybbles and Bytes Commodore 128D – Episode 4: Sprite Animation

Nybbles and Bytes Episode 4 is now out and it picks up where Episode 3 left off with the Vic-II. The discussion this time...

Exploring Epyx Fast Load for the Commodore 64

8-Bit Show And Tell has a new video out exploring the inner workings of Epyx's classis Fast Load cartridge. This video covers the other...
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Scene World Podcast Episode #61 Has Arrived

In the latest episode of the podcast Joerg talks to Chris Bateman about his history developing games, his devlopment studio International Hobo, to his...